Theology 101: How Can We Glorify God?


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English: Scroll of the Psalms

Part of our chief purpose is to glorify God; but do we do that?

How do we determine what things glorify God?

If we look inward for the answers or if we rely on someone else, we cannot be confident that our answer will be correct. If we try to be as good a person as we can be; will that glorify God? Will philanthropy or self-sacrifice or asceticism please God? Will winning an Olympic gold medal or a Super Bowl or a Nobel prize—particularly if we tell everyone that we are doing it for God—will that glorify Him? Continue reading


The Hidden Beauty of Family Worship


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A Husband and Father Catechisizing His Children During DevotionsLet’s face it. Those of us who practice family worship usually don’t feel like it, often fall into formalism, and end off hopping down way too many bunny trails. How many times, too, is the whole business interrupted because the little one has a runny nose (or worse, Continue reading

Theology 101, Lesson 1B: The Lord Thy God


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Our last post demonstrated that the first part of the purpose of life is to glorify God. The second part of our central purpose is to enjoy God.

We read in Jeremiah 32:38: “they shall be my people, and I will be their God.” This verse sums up our Continue reading

Theology 101, Lesson 1A: Why Are We Here?


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God LightWhat is the purpose of life?

At its best, philosophy offers a depressing meaningless for our lives; but, such empty philosophy is wrong. It cannot see Continue reading